Success under Pressure: Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Management and Negotiations


This IACT training course will give you tools and strategies to increase your professional influence and impact, reduce your stress levels, and improve your ability to negotiate.  The programme focuses on the core skills of Emotional Intelligence (‘EQ’) and emphasises the importance of negotiation as a strategy for performance management as well as conflict resolution.  The use of teaching and learning techniques based on the latest educational psychology principles for adult learning ensures that each training session will be challenging and highly effective. Join this IACT training course and you will:

  • Practise skills and tools to communicate with more impact and greater effect
  • Learn to recognise different behaviours and how best to influence them
  • Recognise the sources of personal stress and how to eliminate or reduce them
  • Learn win-win strategies for negotiation between leaders and staff, and inter-departmental situations


  • This IACT training course is designed for managers and team leaders but will benefit any professional wishing to broaden and improve their skills in self-management, interpersonal influence, conflict-handling and negotiation
  • It will also help anyone moving into a leadership role to increase their personal impact and effectiveness


The Success Under Pressure IACT training course is designed to enable participants to:

  • Understand how to increase emotional intelligence (EQ) at work
  • Identify different behavioural styles, and learn to manage them
  • Negotiate with greater confidence
  • Learn how to achieve win-win outcomes in negotiations
  • Learn how negotiation can be used to increase performance
  • Gain insights into personal strengths and areas for development
  • Recognise and handle your own emotions
  • Understand and practice conflict management techniques
  • Acquire techniques to handle stress and cope with pressure


This highly interactive IACT trianing course will combine experiential practical exercises with presentations and team challenges, supported by video material and case studies.


The Success Under Pressure training course opens by exploring the importance of emotional intelligence for bringing balance into our mental and emotional state. The programme explores each individual personality profile and elaborates upon its strengths and areas for self-development to handle stress. Participants also learn how to establish effective working relationships with others through handling conflict and negotiating for win-win outcomes. Participants will return to their organizations armed with strategies to cope with stress in the workplace for optimum performance.  They will also take with them an enhanced toolkit and skill-set to achieve greater impact and influence at work.


Day 1 - Emotional Intelligence for Success

  • What is Emotional Intelligence (EQ)?
  • Reframing self-talk for success
  • Assess your personal profile
  • Identify your strengths and areas for development
  • Establish healthy relationships with others
  • Life giving food for success
  • How to handle stressful situations
  • Building a climate for creativity



Day 2 - Managing Stress for Success

  • Understand what is stress
  • Difference between positive and negative stress
  • Symptoms of stress
  • The effects of chronic stress
  • Identify top time-wasters
  • Remain professional under pressure
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Building resilience to stress


Day 3 - Conflict Management and Resolution

  • What is conflict
  • Reasons for workplace conflict
  • Ineffective approaches to conflict resolution
  • Conflict management strategies
  • Techniques for resolving conflicts successfully
  • How to handle different conflict areas
  • Active listening for conflict resolution
  • Communication skills to resolve conflict


Day 4 - The Art of Negotiation

  • What is negotiation?
  • Styles in negotiation
  • Win-win negotiation
  • Rational bargaining
  • Principled negotiation
  • How to separate the people from the problem
  • How to invent options for mutual gain
  • Personality styles of negotiators


Day 5 - Successful Leadership Skills

  • Characteristics of successful leaders
  • Openness and vision for a successful future
  • Innovative thinking for problem solving
  • Harnessing creativity in subordinates through aligned leadership
  • Building trust with others
  • Helping your team prepare for change
  • Motivating yourself and others under pressure
  • Develop a personal action plan