Financial Analysis

Financial Analysis

About The Course:

Master financial analysis and keep your profit outlook right on the money.

Accurate financial analysis is a fundamental element of growth, strategy and overall success. Understanding how to use financial indicators and benchmarks allows you to allocate resources and evaluate potential projects for maximum return-on-investment. Financial analysis takes the guesswork out of the planning process and enables you to keep tabs on how your business is performing. 

If your job requires a firm grasp of financial situations, then this hands-on comprehensive course is for you. You’ll review proven analytical tools and develop a keen understanding of how and when to use them to improve your company’s profit picture


  • Identify current vital financial indicators that are important to your organization
  • Comprehend financial forecasting techniques that can enable management to make truly informed decisions
  • Apply methods that can improve your company's profit picture and your stockholders' investment
  • Know your firm's finances and what that means for the present and future.


Who Should Attend

  • Financial analysts
  • Accountants
  • Project managers
  • Budget analysts
  • Vice presidents of finance
  • Controllers and treasurers



  • A Framework for Financial Statements Analysis
  • The Role of Earnings in the Capital Markets
  • The Information Content of Financial Statements
  • The Determinants of Accounting Quality and a Framework for Assessing Accounting Quality
  • What is Income? Measuring and Reporting Financial Performance
  • Case studies: Twitter, Cisco

  • Accounting Quality Analysis
  • Adjusting Reported Financial Statements 

- Deep Dive into Starbucks’ Financial Statements and Accounting Quality


  • Advanced Analysis of Accounting Quality
  • Detecting and Undoing Earnings Management
    - Classic accounting quality cases: CUC International, Boston Chicken, Enron


  • Financial Statements Analysis Toolkit: Analyzing Profitability, Growth, and Risk
  • Time-Series and Cross-Sectional Analyses
    - Deep Dive into Starbucks’ Profitability, Growth, and Risk
  • The Life Cycle of Income and Cash Flows
    - Start-Ups vs. Growth Firms vs. Cash Cows vs. Declining Firms
  • Analyzing the Statement of Cash Flows
  • Take-aways: Using this information moving forward 


A Certificate of Completion will be issued to those who attend & successfully complete the programme.


  08:30 – 10:15 First Session

 10:15 – 10:30 Coffee Break

10:30 – 12:15 Second Session

 12:15 – 12:30 Coffee Break

12:30 – 14:00 Third Session

 14:00 – 15:00 Lunch

Training Methodology:

This interactive training course includes the following training methodologies as a percentage of the total tuition hours:

  • 30% Lectures, Concepts, Role Play
  • 30% Workshops & Work Presentations, Techniques
  • 20% Based on Case Studies & Practical Exercises
  • 20% Videos, Software & General Discussions
  • Pre and Post Test


 The Fee for the seminar, including instruction materials, documentation, lunch, coffee/tea breaks & snack is: