Essentials of Labor Law for HR Professionals

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate their understanding of the applications pertaining to labor laws in the GCC
  • Explain the various types of labor law contracts
  • Prepare notice letters and understand their terms of use
  • Differentiate between types of legal wages
  • Calculate, with legal accuracy, working hours, leave and vacation entitlements
  • List the various stages of disciplinary actions according to the labor law
  • Distinguish between dismissal and termination and learn when to apply the clauses related to each


  • Labor law application
    • The global legal environment
    • Types of international legal systems
    • History of labor law in the GCC
    • The GCC legal environment
    • Comparing legal systems in the GCC
    • Communicating laws
    • Pre-labor law application in the GCC
    • Identification of exempted categories
  • Legal instruments
    • Introduction and overview of labor law
    • Enforcement of labor law
    • Labor contracts pre-requisites
    • Labor law contracts
    • Similarities and dissimilarities in the GCC labor contracts
    • Essential contents of contracts
    • Employer and employee duties and responsibilities
    • The secrets of contracts revealed
    • Changes in legal status
  • Notice period, probation period and leaves
    • Notice period definition
    • Guidelines for a notice letter
    • Different applications of the notice period
    • When a notice is not needed
    • Probation period and its practices
    • Types of leaves
    • Working hours
    • Overtime: explanation and calculations for eligibility